Recently, I was asked by a teenager if $12.00 is expensive for a carton of eggs. He wasn’t asking because he lacked faith in God’s provision. He’s a teenager and, naturally, doesn’t frequently shop for groceries. “Why do you ask?” I said. “Well,” he replied, “I just saw on Instagram how because of some ‘egg […]

No Shortages In The Kingdom

What seems to be the common theme in this world? Fear, fear, and more fear. We continually hear negative reportson every news and social media network: school shootings, food shortages, gas prices, sicknesses, and more. We can start to wonder, “Where is God’s protection?” It’s encouraging to realize that no one can protect you more […]

Protected or not?

It seems like with the sucker punch of 2020 and the ongoing nonsense of 2021, Christians have lost their identity. There are so many voices of doubt, fear, lies, and brokenness swirling around us. Those voices sound more familiar and throw us off course. Christians can’t seem to find their foundation anymore. The system of […]

Because He Did It, I Can Do It, Too!

It’s already Summer and too many people find themselves in a rut or standstill at this halfway point in the year. But in this article, I am here to encourage you that it’s not time to stand down and ease into maintenance mode. We are still running in 2021. Don’t let your guard down, it’s […]

Sure Thing

Overcoming Miscarriage and Pregnancy Miracles

I’m Jenna Joyner. I’ve worked behind the scenes of Miracle Word Ministries for the last six years. More than anything else, I have always wanted to become a mom. I married my husband, Ralph, in 2009, and soon after, I was told I couldn’t have children. I was devastated, but my desire to have children grew […]

Jenna’s Miracle Testimony | Overcoming Loss and Miscarriage

Welcome to 2021. It seems like even before we can get a thought out, society has canceled it. Who is society, anyway? As Christians, don’t we belong somewhere else? (See John 17:16.)  Never forget, we’re in this world, but we’re not of this world. That’s why secular culture should never define who we are as […]

Kingdom Over Culture

We’ve had a lot going on in our country for the last few months. It has all made us wonder what our rights truly are as Americans. During this time when the media has thrown fear language 24/7 our way, I watched children of God not acting as they should. They don’t really know their […]

Fight For Your Right

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mom, or you want to be one someday, this is the episode for you! I want to encourage you by reminding you that you are ANOINTED to be a mom! Just as Mary was anointed to be the mother of Jesus, so are you anointed to be the right […]

You’re Anointed To Be A Mom (Ep. 39)

  The Spirit of Faith is our title deed. You can’t just declare a thing, you must believe it in your heart! You should always be building your faith and going to another level. If you remain comfortable, you will never move! If there’s something you’re believing God for, it’s time to stand up in […]

The Dangers of Stagnate Faith (Episode 38)

I was honored to join my close friends and anointed women in ministry Pastor Rhonda Spencer and Pastor Jamie Hutchings for a live Q&A Zoom conversation! We answer questions like “What Scriptures are you standing on right now?”, and “What does the Bible say about guarding my thoughts?”. In this time, it’s so important to […]

Live Q&A with Pastors Rhonda Spencer and Jamie Hutchings (Ep.37)