3 Tips for Cultivating Your Children’s Faith

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As a mother, one of the greatest responsibilities given to you is to raise your children to know the Lord so they may build their lives upon a foundation of faith. Leaving their spiritual growth up to the Sunday School and Children’s Church is simply not enough. So how do you teach your children about the greatest relationship they can have in their life? How do you nurture their faith and calling even as little ones?

Carolyn Shuttlesworth is a mom of three who serves in full-time evangelism ministry with her husband. She powerfully ministers to women all over the world, and reaches thousands with her podcast, “NonStop Mom”. She teaches on biblical principles in parenting, how to have a strong spirit, being a godly wife, the benefits of homeschooling, and how to nurture your family well.

I want to share with you

3 Tips on How to Cultivate a Love for God in Your Children.

#1. Teach Them to Love the Word of God

With my younger ones I read a Children’s Bible to them and take time with a daily devotional to make the word of God practical to them. With my oldest daughter, who is able to read well, I encourage her to read the Bible each morning before she starts her day. At first, I had to remind her, but now that she has created the habit, she really enjoys reading it and discovering the scriptures. It’s important for me to not just tell my children what to do, but also to model it out for them. In other words, I spend my early mornings with the Lord before the household is awake. I make sure that when my children wake up in the mornings, they see me reading my Bible and praying.

#2. Teach Your Children to Know the Voice of the Lord at an Early Age

One of the easiest ways to teach them the voice of the Lord is when they are watching a tv show. I have taught them principles from the Word about the difference between things that are godly and good to think about and those that are not. So when they are watching a show, if they get that gut feeling of “I shouldn’t be watching this” or “this isn’t good,” they know that is the voice of the Holy Spirit in them.


#3. Church Attendance is Non-Negotiable

In this generation, everyone has a way out of everything; if they do not feel like doing something, they don’t have to. As their parent it’s my responsibility to teach them that it’s not about how you feel, but about the commitment you are making. So many parents also leave it up to their child to decide how they will live their lives. You want to teach your child independence and to make wise choices, such as would they prefer watermelon or grapes when choosing a snack. As the parent, you are still making the ultimate choice for the child…that they will eat fruit rather than sweets. At the end of the day, we want to guide our children to make right decisions regardless of how our flesh “feels.” By putting church attendance first, even before sports, friends, or family, it shows God that He is our first love.


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3 Tips for Cultivating Your Children’s Faith

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