How to Overcome Mom Guilt

How to Overcome Mom Guilt with Nonstop Mom Carolyn Shuttlesworth

Mom guilt is running rampant and I believe it’s due to the pressures of society. Either you’re a bad mom for going to work, or a frumpy mom with no more social skills who stays home and cleans up messes all day. Somebody will always put a label on you. You’ll never get a consistent response so it’s best to shut out the voices and find out what God’s Word has to say about you. His label is all that matters.

When it comes to obeying the Word of God and the calling He has given you, there is no guilt attached. Whatever guilt you’re battling—either stay-at-home mom guilt or working mom guilt—once you find your identity in Christ, the guilt will be lifted.

I remember getting the revelation of my job and purpose as a mother. I was standing in the back of the sanctuary holding my squirmy baby while Ted was preaching. I was tired. Why is it so important I’m here? I thought. I could just wait for him at home. Do I really need to travel everywhere? Then I realized that my current purpose was being a rock for my kids.

If my only platform is speaking to my own children and seeing them live victorious lives and not become prodigals, that would be powerful. Once I saw that my confidence as a mom skyrocketed. I’ve been doing things the Lord has asked me to do that I never saw myself doing. It wasn’t until I received the confidence of my calling that my productivity increased.

Our nourishment comes from doing the Will of God (John 4:34). When you look up the word nourish it means to be provided with food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition.

That’s how we’re to perceive the Word of God and our calling. Getting everything that God has for us and applying it to our lives will help us to grow properly and produce strong momentum. Our confidence will go to a new level. When that happens, our marriage flourishes, relationship with our children grows, our business produces at a higher rate, and we see ourselves differently which then leads to self-care.

Whether you stay at home or have a career, God’s desire is that you faithfully pursue the work He has called you to do and trust Him to support you and take care of all of your needs and the needs of your children. Psalm 1 clearly states we will be productive in all seasons. Don’t be thrown off by a different experience in a new season. Stay in your lane and be used mightily by God—even if it’s just cleaning up spilled milk at the moment.





How to Overcome Mom Guilt

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