I have successfully homeschooled our children for the past five years. With so much uncertainty about if and how schools are reopening this fall, many families are considering homeschool options for the upcoming year. I have been receiving so many questions about this topic that I decided to share a four-part broadcast series. I’m going […]

Homeschooling (Session One)

We’ve had a lot going on in our country for the last few months. It has all made us wonder what our rights truly are as Americans. During this time when the media has thrown fear language 24/7 our way, I watched children of God not acting as they should. They don’t really know their […]

Fight For Your Right


  When we know our rights as children of God, we can then operate in the full authority that He has given us! We don’t have to look like everyone else in the world.  Jesus died on the cross so we could have these rights that I am going to share with you today. You […]

You Have Rights! (Ep. 40)

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mom, or you want to be one someday, this is the episode for you! I want to encourage you by reminding you that you are ANOINTED to be a mom! Just as Mary was anointed to be the mother of Jesus, so are you anointed to be the right […]

You’re Anointed To Be A Mom (Ep. 39)

  The Spirit of Faith is our title deed. You can’t just declare a thing, you must believe it in your heart! You should always be building your faith and going to another level. If you remain comfortable, you will never move! If there’s something you’re believing God for, it’s time to stand up in […]

The Dangers of Stagnate Faith (Episode 38)

I was honored to join my close friends and anointed women in ministry Pastor Rhonda Spencer and Pastor Jamie Hutchings for a live Q&A Zoom conversation! We answer questions like “What Scriptures are you standing on right now?”, and “What does the Bible say about guarding my thoughts?”. In this time, it’s so important to […]

Live Q&A with Pastors Rhonda Spencer and Jamie Hutchings (Ep.37)

  With everything happening in the world, a lot of things have changed for everybody. Maybe you are juggling and handling roles that you have never had to do, or thought you would have to do- like homeschooling! I want to encourage you from the Word of God that even though society tells you that […]

How To Dominate Unfamiliar Territory (Ep. 36)

With everything happening in the world right now, we cannot get enough faith-filled Word into our spirit man. Our faith level can never have a cap on it! I want to encourage you in this episode to truly keep your trust in the Lord and keep your thoughts fixed on Him. You have to get […]

Uncompromised Faith (Episode. 34)

  Welcome to a New Year! As we always do, we are starting our year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. Now I have done fasts the right way, and I have done fasts the wrong way. Fasting is SO beneficial! So many people have asked me during a fast, “I can’t believe that […]

Should Moms Fast? (Episode 32)

  Once we understand the nature and character of God, we understand that it’s always His plan to bless us and never His plan to hurt us. We’re making the decision to not bring any old issues into a new year. This episode we’ll talk about practical ways to make that a reality for you.

Don’t Bring Old Issues Into A New Year (Ep. 031)